The 21st century presents new challenges and offers new tools. 

I spent the last half of the 20th century learning my craft, paying my dues, and figuring out some of the ways of this world.

Now, in the 21st Century, it is my time to leave behind a record of how I do what I do.  This website is my portal to tools and artifacts that I leave for future generations.  I don’t claim that my ways are the way to do anything.  They are how I do it.  I’m quite sure that anything I can do you can do better and I hope you do.

The Teacher has always been part of me.  Since childhood, The Teacher instructs as I perform my arts.  Now, through Internet technology, The Teacher comes to you.  This website highlights the three greatest gifts the Great Mystery has given me – Music, Structural Integration and Lathi.  There are others but these three call out from within me to be expressed. 

Thank you for joining with me from wherever you are on Earth.

Your feedback is welcome. 

Welcome to my world!

Bluegrass Bass front cover

Music – Bluegrass & Beyond
Rolfing® Structural Integration
Lathi – The Martial Art of India


New Book!

Foundations of
Structural Integration

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